I was lucky to grow up in the South German gold and silver city Schwäbisch Gmünd. Since the Berufskollege für Schmuck und Design (a school for goldsmiths) was established in my home city, I was surrounded by different goldsmiths already at an early age.

Among them was also the mother of my babysit children. As a goldsmith she often paid me in jewellery. That was so special to me every time! The mother of my best friend was a goldsmith as well. To me it was just wonderful to gaze around in her workshop; the combination of fine materials and sturdy machines that could create beautiful jewellery, wow! I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up.

Since my education as a goldsmith at the Berufskollege für Schmuck und Design I already made jewellery for myself. Therefore, my workbench and my tools followed me wherever I went. More and more people started to ask me where I had bought my jewellery. When I said that I made it myself, since I am a goldsmith, people asked me if I could make something for them too. And that is how Kamado was born, derived from my first names: Katharina Maria Donna.

Looking at jewellery makes me happy. Because every piece of jewellery has its own character, its own story. I feel lucky and thankful that I am able to transform your personal story into a tangible symbol in which your feelings are immortalized.