My name is Katharina and I invite you to experience the joy I have in being a goldsmith. I enjoy working with precious metals that arose over the course of millions of years deep within our earth. I enjoy to create special shapes that capture your wishes and your feelings. And I truly enjoy, maybe even the most of all, the bond I have with my customers.

Jewellery carries personal stories, and those stories are special to me. A new piece of jewellery could be the start of someone’s new story. Or someone’s dear past is already intertwined in old jewellery, and my hands can remodel a more contemporary piece. I will always have my curiosity: about materials and their characteristics and about people and their stories. This curiosity keeps on inspiring me to create your personalized jewellery.

Why do I love my work? Because by using my heart and hands I can create a symbol of love and joy that makes you feel valuable. And that is very precious to me.

Discover my digital workshop to find what is appealing to you. Have a look in my webshop or learn more about the process of making your personal jewellery. Are you interested in discussing the possibilities or do you have a specific question? Feel free to contact me!